Medical Revolution was designed for the first time in March 2015, the thought of then was not even a bad copy of what it is today and what it represents for us and for the professionals who use it.

The reason why he was born is to be found in a problem very felt in this sector, in the difficulties in which they were both patient and professional during a rehabilitation process, each of them for different reasons, the professional in the management of the patient and the patient in the difficulties of approach, in mistrust, in continuous complaints.

This problem we liked to call it an obstacle course … where often both professional and patient remained dissatisfied.

We wanted to make the obstacle course a health walk.

The intuition of the first version of MedRevo was by Speranza, who was in charge of managing the reception in the clinic, therefore the first approach with the patients and also the last one, the one dedicated to payments and patient complaints. She knew perfectly well all the dynamics and difficulties that are encountered in this area and suggested that we create something in which the patient could be better informed about his problem.

We knew very well that when the patient experiences a condition of pain, he is wary and vulnerable, he alters all his perceptions and his way of approaching so many situations, but above all what his correct and ideal therapeutic path should be, he is influenced easily from external factors, makes a disproportionate use and a dangerous abuse of dr. Google and many other small actions that those who live this sector every day know perfectly.

On the other hand, the professional has to fight daily with the difficulties that the patient often creates, whose only goal is to heal, without ifs and buts, not taking into account the fact that the best therapeutic results are obtained when there is it is collaboration, cooperation and a union of intent.

This was the obstacle course and Medical Revolution should have become the health walk

And from these clear assumptions we tried to think of something that could be the common thread between these aspects and that allowed the professional to do his job in the best possible way, and the patient to be able to approach the therapy in the right way, in order to obtain the best possible therapeutic result.

In 2015 it was just an idea, which today became reality and which fortunately gave us reason. It was a very difficult journey, made of many sacrifices, nights of work, meetings, discussions, different views, private Sundays to the family in order to carry on this project, there are so many times when we thought of giving up, the costs to claiming that they climbed so steeply, technical problems, programming, we could stay here for hours and hours describing all the hitches and unforeseen things of this project, which above all had to run parallel to our work, which was another and certainly right now we could not give up completely to dedicate ourselves to what was only an ambitious project but which had never been compared with those who set the rules, that is the market.

Today we are very happy to have created a simple, compact and technological system that fully respects the expectations we had regarding this fantastic project.

Since 2015 so many aspects have changed, the objective has always remained the same, but in order for us to be able to reach it in full, there were upheavals that were not even the least thought, so many people have changed, everything has changed.