Why choose Medial Revolution

The pillars of our system


Increase your authority towards the patient


Work with surgical precision on the perception of your patients


Equipped with Cryptography, Authentication tools for Security and Digital archive of your Patients' medical records


Reduce the migration phenomenon. Build patient loyalty and increase the number of your patients

What is MR

A few features of our innovating system

  • It is a System that accompanies, educates, involves and makes the patient aware throughout his clinical and post-rehabilitation journey, through a structured, tested and consolidated process
  • A web and mobile application in the medical rehabilitation field
  • With the dedicated APP patients will always be with you
  • A system that places the specialist to another level in the eyes of the patient
  • A system that delivers to the patient a union of intent and consistency of your medical teamwork
  • A system that allows you to obtain the exclusivity of the area and make your patients feel the sense of "uniqueness" of your clinic
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Features of the MR system

You won’t be able to do without

  • The specialist through the APP will be able to send personalized videos of the exercises to be performed by the patient during therapy and the post-rehabilitation process
  • Keep the patient's digital medical record, certificates, prescriptions, photos, videos, resonances, X-rays, TACs always just a click away.
  • You will be able to customize the Medical Revolution system with your company logo
  • Your patients will finally be able to see and understand the pathologies with a simple touch, even the most effective cure or treatment, described by the most important professionals in the national and international medical field
  • Send your patient the care treatments to follow at home
  • Use the 3D human for you evaluations
Features of the MR system

Some images of Medical Revolution

A little taste of MR

Our strengths

Find out why Medical Revolution is an exclusive system

In APP pictures and videos

Finally you'll be able to take pictures and videos to visualize the progress of the patient directly from the dedicated APP instead of just using your phone as done so far.

Dedicated APP

Increase the effectiveness of your clinic's work exponentially by following the patient through your dedicated App.

Save time

More satisfied patients and reduced medical examination times thanks to our interactive 3D multi-touch human.


Increasing the patient's awareness of his own pathology is worth 30% of the therapy’s success


Deliver serenity to the patient to face the therapeutic program


All data will be in cloud, encrypted, secure and accessible from any device

Monitored progress

Progress will be constantly monitored through our APP

Dedicated assistance

Medical Revolution has a dedicated assistance team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


What those who have already tried Medical Revolution say

With and without MR

Here’s why you should use the MR system

Without MR

Loss of patients because of the migration phenomenon



With MR

Retain your patients and reduce their migration = increased revenue


Without MR

Difficulty in approach, communication and interaction with the patient



With MR

Effectiveness, simplicity and uniqueness in health communication


Without MR

Difficulty in making the patient perceiving your presence in the post-rehabilitation process and you will not be able to attract and correct him automatically



With MR

You will be able to monitor the patient long-term and make him feel your presence and professionalism along his post-rehabilitation process


Without MR

By law , you will need to provide yourself a software in order to store and guarantee the sensitives data of your patients



With MR

We become the fully responsible holders of your patients' sensible data in compliance with the new GDPR regulation



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase MR?
The revolutionary MR project is born from the necessity to strengthen the medic/patient relationship. Plus it's the first true patient loyalty system that allows you to control the phenomenon of "migration".
Is MR ready for the GDPR regulation?
Of course! Medical Revolution is developed complying the EU Regulation 2016/679.
Will my data be secure once uploaded to Medical Revolution?
All data will be saved in the cloud, encrypted, safe and accessible from any device only through private access credentials
How can I buy MR?
Purchasing MR is easy: just ask for a free consultancy and one of our product managers will show you the best solutions designed just for you!
How much does the shipping cost?
The MR shipping is always free.

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