It was January 4, 2018, I remember it as if it were today, we could not get out of it as far as the creation of the iOs App is concerned (anyone who knows this world knows very well that Apple is very selective and restrictive in granting space in their store and if you do not respect their fees and their strict directives you will never go to the store).

We asked for help from a team that works in the IT-technology field and that today is an integral part and a fundamental pillar of our project, a team of special people and friends who have diverted us to the right path of our project, without they probably would never have made it.

It was a race against time, we wanted to participate at all costs in the Health Expo in Bologna, which was in mid-April 2018, but it was already January 12, there were 3 months left and we were with a project to be redone from head to toe, not conceptually and in terms of content, but in terms of technology, functionality, user experience, remaking the app natively, Android, and making the iOs from the beginning.

Today we stop to look at what we have done (with the help of all those who have contributed, more or less, all of whom have been important and fundamental for a thousand reasons) and it makes me smile.

It is the greatest victory to see that it was worth it, because there were so many times when we said to ourselves: but who made us do it? Investing a fortune, giving up the last 4 years of life to think and work hard only on this project and not knowing how it would end was really crazy.

In the end we went to the Expo, we were incomplete, we went lame, we went without experience, we went without ever having attended an event, but it was a success, the Expo gave us a fundamental confirmation, the idea it was the right one, the project was the right one. We met many professionals who made us understand that we had to pursue that path, the feedback was very numerous and super positive, the 2015 intuition turned out to be correct, nobody had a system similar to ours, nobody had ever created a system with those same goals we had.

Returning from the Expo there were still so many things to do … really many.
What we brought to the Expo is a very distant relative of today’s Medical Revolution … there have been so many upgrades … so many evolutions and above all many projects for the future, which will be unique in the sector and revolutionary, just like Medical Revolution.