Features of Medical Revolution

  • A web and mobile application in the medical rehabilitation field
  • With the dedicated APP patients will always be with you
  • A system that places the specialist to another level in the eyes of the patient
  • A system that delivers to the patient a union of intent and consistency of your medical teamwork
  • A system that allows you to obtain the exclusivity of the area and make your patients feel the sense of "uniqueness" of your clinic
  • Differentiate yourself from local competitors
  • Retain your patients, increase the number of your patients and revenue
  • Eliminate your patients' migration phenomenon towards other clinics
  • Accompany your patient to the correct mental approach, essential for the best therapeutic result
  • It allows you to stop worrying about your patients' privacy (encrypted system compliant with the new GDPR regulation)
  • Your customers will advertise your clinic in the best possible way
  • Patients will take home your best business card
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